Moments that make me proud

It’s Monday morning…
As I woke to a quiet house, I checked my baby to make sure she was breathing. I always do that. I guess I am a paranoid mom. She was safe a secure and sound asleep like an angel.

Like every other Monday morning, I wake at 5am and go to pump milk so my daughter has enough bottles for the day. I work from 9am-7pm, but I leave at 7:45am and do not get home until 8pm. I do this 3 days a week. It’s tough being away from my baby girl that long. I always look forward to getting home to see her sweet smile that she gives me when I walk through the door. Moments like that are so worth being a mom.

My other two children get ready by themselves for school.
My daughter is a freshman in high school and my son is in 3rd grade. They are both so independent….My daughter has decided to be a nurse for the the Air Force when she gets out of high school. She is in JROTC and loves it….It was never for me when I was in school but she sure does love it. I think it has given her more confidence within herself…That is so wonderful. She sure does have a good head on her shouldars and I am so proud of her and so proud to have a daughter like her. She is a blessing. Another great reason to be a mom…..

My son is a champ. He is an awesome baseball player. He wants to be in the MLB when he gets older and I do see that happening. He is on A/B honor roll and he plays with passion in his eyes. Even when it’s fall ball and they do not keep score, he always puts his game face on and plays like nothing else matters in the world. He makes me so proud to be his mom.


Why do we always take things for granted? Why does it take a whole family to get together when someone dies? These are questions I always ask myself whenever I attend a funeral. I was at a funeral today and I can never prepare myself emotionally for them. I kept holding my husbands’ hand and thanking God that he is in my life. I couldn’t wait to go home to see my children. My family is a blessing for me and unfortunately, if my oldest daughters’ bio-dad didn’t pass away, me and my husband would of never met. God works in mysterious ways. There was a reason why he passed and it was for me to meet someone who can raise and take care of our daughter.

I so appreciate my husband and my life and I couldn’t ask for more….I am truely blessed!

My journey began in 1973

1973 was the year that I was born. In Chicago, Illinois is where I grew up and lived until I was 28. In 1991, I met a man I thought I loved at the time. Then, I got pregnant. Oops…I was way too young, but I would never go back and change a thing. My daughter, Savann was born in July 1992 and is now 14 years old. Her father passed away when she was only 4 years old. She has some memories, but not too many.

Then, I met Garry. A guy with long hair and wearing a lab coat. We both worked at Lenscrafters. He made the glasses and I worked in the Doctor’s area. I really didn’t think he was attractive at first. After having smoke breaks together, he grew on me…
After our first 4 hour phone call and our first kiss, I knew he was the man I was going to marry.

I soon got pregnant with our son. He was born in April of 1998. He, of course, was named after his dad. He is now 8 years old.

We are married! In September of 1999 we married.

We moved to Tennessee in 2002. My FIL had lung cancer and I cannot refuse my husband the chance to be with him, so we sold our condo, packed up and moved.

I got pregnant again. In October 2002, I was almost 7 weeks along when I miscarried. It broke my heart and was so sad for a long time. I wanted another baby so bad.

Got pregnant in July 2005….I was so happy. Finally, 3 years after the miscarriage. We are having a baby.

Due date was April 16, 2006.

December 2, 2005 – It’s a girl!!!!

April 11th – Jaymie was born!!!

Well, she is now 7 months old and again want another baby. Just one more and that would be it. She is growing so fast…Why does that have to happen? My baby is not so much a new baby anymore….But, I do love that she is becoming her own person. Babbling, cooing, crawling…..I love her so much!